Pnuff Crunch Flavors Original Cocoa Cinnamon

Peanut Protein Power!

P-nuff Crunch is a baked peanut puff snack that is healthy, nutritious and delicious.

Pnuff Crunch, Bowl of Peanut Puffs

How It's Made

P-nuff Crunch is the only baked puff snack made from protein-filled Peanuts, fiber-full Navy Beans, and energy-lasting Rice. Pnuff Crunch is made from simple and natural ingredients without any added flavors or preservatives.

Active Mom and Daughter

P-nuff Crunch keeps active kids and adults on the go, going strong!

P-nuff Crunch features the power of “complete” high quality plant based-proteins from Peanuts, Navy Beans, and Brown Rice, which not only provides energy to keep you going, but also build muscles to keep you lean and active.

Pnuff Reviews

What People Say About Pnuff

5/5 Star Stars By Amazon Customer

Healthy Pnuff Crunch

I just tried Pnuff Crunch and they are delicious. They taste like roasted peanuts but with a great crunchy texture. I'm hooked. And I can't believe these tasty treats are actually healthy and good for you. They taste too good to be healthy. I just found my new snack.

5/5 Star Stars by Amazon Customer

Very happy to finally have found a healthy snack

Very happy to finally have found a healthy snack that I don't feel guilty about eating, or giving to my kids. It's perfect for the whole family! On the go, before a game, packed in the lunch box it doesn't works. This snack has the perfect balance of crunch, flavor, and energy all packed into one bag!

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