The Product

Pnuff Snack Bag

How its Made

P-nuff Crunch is the only baked puff snack made from heart-healthy and protein-filled peanuts, fiber-full navy beans, and slow digesting complex carbohydrate rice. P-nuff Crunch is made from only natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives are added.

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Unique & Addictive

P-nuff Crunch has a unique and addictive sweet & salty roasted peanut taste combined with the perfect crunchy texture. The flavor is derived naturally from its ingredients and baking.

Pnuff Snack Bowl
Pnuff Complete Vegan Protein

"Complete" Vegan Protein

P-nuff Crunch is the only snack puff that delivers 5g of “complete” Vegan protein (per 1oz serving) derived from 3 plant sources: Peanuts, Beans, and Rice This unique combination makes a high quality protein containing all essential amino acids required by the body. Complete proteins are necessary for building and repairing muscle tissue, providing energy, and performing other essential body functions. Complete proteins are necessary for proper growth in children.

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